Book Review: The Night Circus


I absolutely loved this book!

Set in the late 19th century, two young magicians, Celia and Marco, must play out a game that they have been training for since childhood. The rules of the game that binds them isn’t clear, yet they play it best to their abilities in the venue that has been set for them- Le Cirque de Rêves. A spectacular circus that’s only opened at night that boasts nothing that your imagination can’t handle. It’s a place where everything that you think is impossible is possible.

Though Celia and Marco are unaware how this game is actually played nor how the winner would be determine, they each use their abilities within the circus creating new tents and features to display their talents- which soon becomes sort of like love letters to one another when they suddenly fall in love.

But the game must be played out and there could only be one player standing. It becomes and dangerous and deadly game when the actions they make are the consequences of all those within the circus.

Though the circus seems like merely a backdrop to the game, it carries a life of it’s own- from the grand clock that changes shape as the time ticks on, to the many mysterious tents that hold wondrous things. Morgenstern captures the magic and atmosphere of the circus with such ease that I found myself lost within it’s pages. The description and details put into the story was captivating and it easily came to life in my mind.

The story jumps around from the circus and it’s players to a small farm and boy named Bailey. His role is unclear, but eventually the past catches up to present… literally and all is revealed.

I’m not one who relishes romances, but the one between Celia and Marco is magical (pun not intended). For the few chapters that are centered around them, it becomes clear that they were meant for for each other and how desperately you want this game to go in their favor no matter how difficult that may be.

This is story that’s filled with magic, dreams and love. But just because it’s main stage is a circus, there’s no clowns or dancing bears. Instead you’re brought into a world where it’s a feast for the senses and what ever your preconceived notion of what a circus should be is left at the gate.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Rating: 5/5 stars


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