Birthday Bash Giveaway… A Note


This is to everyone who is participating in my Birthday Bash Giveaway

It has come to my attention that Rafflecopter doesn’t filter out duplicate entries for ANYTHING! Whether it’s a glitch in the system or people have found a way to just re-enter or people just can’t remember if they entered, I’m letting you know that I am currently going through all the entries and making sure everyone has one entry for the first 4 ways to enter and only one tweet per day.

I’m not angry or even annoyed about this… just slightly disappointed. Although I am very grateful for those that have contacted me about accidental duplicates they’ve made:)

Don’t forget it ends next Saturday so be sure you get those daily (meaning every 24hrs) tweets in! Thank you for entering and I wish you all luck! 


If you’ve ever used Rafflecopter and have experienced this before or you’re just peeved about this, you can send them an email:


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  1. I've seen in the past that sometimes there is a problem and people enter over and over – because it doesn't always confirm you've actually entered. I've had people I know and trust enter 5-10 times because they didn't realize it had actually gone through.

  2. Yes, sometimes by some accident of Rafflecopter it uploads duplicate tweets for example…but trust me, in this case is just people who can't play fair and found a way to re-enter. I've seen it on different giveaways.

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