Book Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door


Lola dreams of becoming a great fashion designer and her outfits proves she has the talent and imagination for it. She has a happy life with her dads in the Castro District of San Francisco, a loyal best friend and an older rock musician boyfriend.

Everything is perfect. That is until the Bell family moves back next door. Although it’s one particular Bell member that she will have to confront after having her heart broken since the last time he lived next door.

After having read Stephanie Perkins’ first book, Anna and the French Kiss, I had incredibly high hopes for this one and it didn’t disappoint! Fans of Anna will enjoy this as much or even more, as I did.

The characters were well written and Perkins’ weaves in details of fashion so seamlessly which coincides with Lola’s unique fashion sense, but without losing sight of the bigger story. Although I think that fashion plays a big role in this book- Lola’s “dressing up” can be seen as her way to hide from her true self and what she really wants.

Cricket Bell is the one that she wanted since childhood. He’s incredibly talented in his own way, as being a direct descendant of the most famous Bell of all and genuinely kindhearted  to all he meets- the epitome of the type of boy your parents wish you would take home.

What I really liked about Lola, is that this had more drama and situations that you believe can happen. Unlike Anna where it was almost too good to be true. The things Lola seems to have to deal with can be easily identified with a lot of people and it made her and the supporting characters all the more enjoyable to read… notably when a couple of familiar characters show up!

All in all it was a very good read and although I had more fun with Anna, this followup had more depth and felt more grown up. But it was predictable… even moreso than its predecessor, but still very much as delightful.

Rating: ★★★★ 4.5 stars


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