Musing Mondays (4)

Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

Wow… it seems as though I haven’t participated in Musing Mondays since Halloween>_< I already know one of my resolutions for the new year will be to be more active with this blog! Haha. Okay now on to this week’s musing…

Will you be buying books for the holidays this year? If so, for whom and why?

I’m going to get a couple of friends a book or two because I know they’ve been wanting them. I can’t divulge what those titles are because they read this blog;) 
I’m also thinking about getting a book for my family Secret Santa, but that’s a huge maybe because I’m just going on this book craze of mine and I’m sure this person would probably want something else. Can’t say for whom or what title(s) because a family member or two might come across this.

Oh and of course I’ll be buying myself some books… even though I put myself on a book-buying ban. Still. I deserve to treat myself! Haha!


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