Top Ten Tuesday (2)


What a great topic!:)

Top Ten Childhood Favorites

1. Fear Street series by R. L. Stein — I LOVED these books! I think I may have read most of them

2. Choose Your Own Adventure books — Oh the fun of getting to choose your own fate… multiple times!

3. Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobol — My brother would read me these  since he liked to try to solve the mystery too:P

4. Archie comics — My sister was really into these and I naturally just started reading them too. I think I still may have some Double Digests…

5. Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson — This is the first memory of loving a book. I remember I borrowed it from the library and refused to return it. I don’t think I ever returned it, but I know I no longer have it… I must have donated it. Speaking of the library (and also because I’m feeling nostalgic), I still have my very first library card! My sister wrote my name for me since I think I was like 3yrs old:)

6. Corduroy by Don Freeman — Another early childhood favorite! After this I believed toys were real.

7. Roald Dahl books — How could you have not loved at least one of his books growing up? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Witches!

8. Where’s Waldo books by Martin Handford — Such a classic!

9. The Berenstain Bears books by Stan Berenstain — I think it was just because it was a family of bears that did things just like humans! Haha

10. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein — My first memory of this book is that it was long for a children’s book, but also incredibly sweet.


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  1. Archie comics ❀ I totally neglected to mention these, but I definitely enjoyed a TON of them over the years.And yes, Roald Dahl is a permanent and important part of my childhood πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE Roald Dahl! The Witches is a classic!The boys have some Where's Waldo books kicking around here and I still have some Berenstain Bears books. Good times πŸ™‚

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