Movie Ticket Prices: WTF?!


A few weeks ago I had received news that tickets for the upcoming Ridley Scott film, Prometheus, had been made available for purchase. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to an IMAX 3D film (I think it was MI4) and because movie prices seem to go up constantly, I went on Fandango to check.

My boyfriend and I already agreed to see a Sunday showing opening weekend and normally we’d opt for the matinée show because it’s cheaper. Though when I clicked for that showing it had a price of $20 per ticket! Astonished that the ticket price for a movie had gone up that much, I checked what the full admission is, but it was still $20.


I checked other dates/showtimes and eventually chucked it up to either a glitch with Fandango or that AMC had done away with matinée pricing for IMAX 3D. Fine.

Since I had a free ticket (worth $13 and about to expire) that I had won from FX (another perk of GetGlue) I had to go to the theater to redeem it and I thought I would check the kiosk there for prices and again it was $20 for any showtime. So that being the case I chose an afternoon showing- who would really want to wake up at 6am to see a movie for full price anyway*?

Today my brother wanted to know if there were tickets still available for the same movie on Saturday afternoon (he works the graveyard shift), so I check Fandango and yes tickets are still available but tickets are now $21! I cracked up while my brother was almost in tears at the ridiculous cost. On a hunch, I checked an matinee showing and guess what? $14.


Just to sure I wasn’t going crazy, I checked Sunday’s showings/pricing thinking maybe $20 across the board is just a Sunday thing, but no- $21 full price & $14 matinée price.

Normally I would’ve been incredibly pissed at this and would’ve made my way to the theater to change my tickets to the matinée showing and get a refund of $12 which is roughly the cost of a medium soda and popcorn (last I checked at least). But I was having too much fun with my brother being distraught over the seemingly new cost of an adult ticket and the idea of actually having to wake up at 6am on a Sunday to be at the theater by 8am even though the movie won’t start until 9:30am (I’m a geek that way) didn’t seem to appealing to me.

Plus my BF would probably not have gone to sleep yet.

Oh and it’s not Harry Potter;)

Anyway, I just feel bad and outraged for those that DID purchase matinée tickets for $20 without realizing the recent change! I would assume (but not bet on it) that Fandango refunded those people, but what about those that went to the theater? Kudos to those that saved $1 if they chose a non-matinée showtime prior to the change, but kinda sucks for those who now have to pay $21- like my brother. Although in his case I would just continue laughing at his misfortune.

Also I’m just curious: how much are tickets in your area? Here’s the rundown on adult prices at my usual theater- AMC Lincoln Square:

35mm — $14
3D — $18
IMAX — $20
IMAX 3D — $21

35mm — $7
3D — $11
IMAX — $13
IMAX 3D — $14

*Actually I’m guilty of doing so with the first Harry Potter film since they didn’t yet introduce matinée pricing.


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  1. Oh my God, I would NEVER pay $20.00 to see a movie. That’s ridiculous! I thought OUR ticket prices were insane, but apparently they’re REALLY good compared to yours. We don’t get discounts for matinees, but it’s half price on Tuesdays… Anyway, these are our ticket prices:

    General (14-64) $9.99
    Child (3-13) $7.50
    Senior (65+) $7.50
    3D General (14-64) $12.99
    3D Child (3-13) $10.50
    3D Senior (65+) $10.50

  2. When I saw The Hunger Games (normal, not the 3D BS since 1) it gives me headaches and 2) most sold as 3D aren’t filmed in 3D) my theater was $9.25 for matinee. Fandango says its $11.25 for evenings. And being many movies don’t seem to be worth the ticket price in the last few years, this is why I don’t go to the theater often. Last one I saw before The Hunger Games was Deathly Hallows part 2. We have no discount theaters close anymore, either.

  3. Whoa!! And I thought here in my country the prices for a movie ticket was crazy. You guys have to pay $20 for a ticket!!! Wow.

    We have half price on wednesday but that’s it. Also, I think it depends on the movie. Because the price is the same no matter if adult or children. But I have seen the price is different depending on the movie. (I usually wait for the DVD so I’m not familiar with all the movie theater thing).

    And the average price is $6 and like $10 for a 3D. But that is a lot of money in my currency, so that is expensive for me haha. 😛

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