BEA 2012 Mini Recap


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you would’ve heard my awesome news yesterday that I had won tickets from The New York Public Library to go to BEA today! I was so happy AND surprised since the contest I entered via Facebook was on Monday and it was for the first 5 people who answered correctly, so after 2 days of not hearing from them I figured I just wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

Needless to say I was ecstatic and my boyfriend and family were happy for me as well since I was upset I couldn’t spend the money to go for the Blogger’s Conference or just BEA in general PLUS on Tuesday during the Teen Author Carnival, I had fallen ill and had to go home before I could get any books signed:(

I was able to find someone to cover my work shift in exchange that I work one of theirs this weekend (I had actually gotten a call from one of my managers tonight making sure I’ll show up since I usually don’t work weekends- No faith in me!). I asked my brother if he wanted to be my guest and he agreed. Thank goodness he came because there was no way I would’ve been able to lug everything!

It’s been a few years since I last went to the Javits (it was either for Comic-Con or the Auto Show) and it was just recently that my sister had her college graduation there! Anyway, we got to the Javits Center at 10am and stayed until 1pm. We grabbed a bunch of books in the beginning and then became picky after a couple of hours because we had to walk to meet our sister at Bryant Park afterwards and then take the train to our parents’ in Queens where I would keep them in storage (my place is occupied by BF’s visiting family for the week).

“Casandra Clare’s SHADOW HUNTERS” I really wanted to yell for everyone to get off the stairs! Too much? Haha. Thankfully I have a poster of this from a previous event.

I didn’t wait on line to get books signed by the few YA authors that were there nor did I really grab multiples of every book. I know that’s what most people would’ve done and if I paid or if I traveled a great distance then I would have. But for me this was just an amazing experience and I was glad to be apart of it. Next year I may do the whole thing though.

I realized I didn’t take many photos! Between constantly looking around to make sure I didn’t pass a great read, grabbing a great read or eating the free popcorn there wasn’t much opportunity for me! *shrugs* It’s okay, it really was just a HUGE room filled with publishers’ booths and eager people:P

I’ll showcase my goodies during My Shelf Stuffers this weekend so look out for that! I did grab quite a few ARC’s and the one I was really excited about was Origin by Jessica Khoury which I had featured in a Waiting on Wednesday! *Squeeeeee*

Okay time to sleep… no wait… I have to find a place to put everything>_<

Thanks again to The New York Public Library!


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