Stacking the Shelves: The Post Christmas Edition

weekly meme hosted by Tynga

weekly meme hosted by Tynga

Hello Hello!!!! I hope that you all are enjoying the holidays!

It’s been crazy at work- anyone who works/ed in retail knows what I mean! Oy! I was then sick for quite a few days this week and today will be my first day outside since Monday! Bring on the snow:D

No personal shopping for me these past few weeks, but I finally caught up on my reviews for The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress!

So Christmas with my family isn’t more than a simple get together and Secret Santa. Cash was the top gift though from relatives and I’m perfectly happy with that! Surprisingly, I only received ONE book this holiday and that was from Michele @ Just a Lil Lost (though NOT surprising that she was the one who got me it)!

Fateful by Claudia Gray — Whoa! Completely forgot what this book was about! Werewolves and the Titanic?! Sure why not? Haha. Also perfect to join in Michele’s Read-a-Long in April!
Buy it: Amazon (Kindle) | Book Depository

She also got me a Ravenclaw pin from her trip to Hogwarts (aka Universal Studios), a blueberry macaron lip gloss (yum!) and the Times Late Edition from Sephora’s awesomely new nail polish kits, The New Black! I had mentioned it to her that they were nowhere to be found in my area (100 mile radius according to their site!) and maybe it’s because we’ve known each other for so long, but I just had a feeling she would get it for me;) Here’s her Swoon-Worthy Sunday post on the kits if you’re interested!

zombie apocalypse

Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? by Max Brallier — This is a gift my BF received from my brother, but I HAD to share it! How awesome is this?! Choose your own adventure meets the zombie apocalypse!
Buy it: Amazon (Kindle) | Book Depository

What did you get this week? Leave me your link and I’ll find out:)


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  1. Yay!! Haha it’s true.. I can’t believe how long we actually HAVE known each other by now! Definitely more than a decade at this point! πŸ™‚ And it’s weird, I haven’t seen that brand at other Sephoras around here yet.. just the one newly renovated location! πŸ˜› Can’t wait to see how they turn out on you.. I definitely needed a friend to help me out at first!

    LOVE that choose your own adventure book!! Hahaha πŸ˜€ Oh how the times have changed from what the themes were before (“getting lost in the woods”) to now (“Zombie apocalypse”) LOL..

    Michele | Stacking the Shelves

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