Hello there and thank you for stopping by the policy page! If you’re here that means you’re interested in me doing a review (unless you’re just a curious little bugger and that’s fine too).

I accept requests from publishers, authors and publicists for reviews, author interviews and giveaways. Unfortunately I do not accept self-published books. Sorry.

My blog is mainly dedicated to Young Adult novels and I would be more inclined to accept your request if it is. Please take a look at the following to see if your book is what I’m looking for.

What I’m Interested in Reading

Young Adult

– Contemporary

– Romance

– Sci-Fi/Fantasy

– Paranormal

– Dystopian

To get a better understanding on what I like you can also view my list on Goodreads, which includes books I have read and those on my wishlist.

What to Expect in My Review

– A photo of your book which links to its Goodreads page.

– A brief summary in my own words or directly from Goodreads.

– My honest opinion on the story, characters and overall writing

– A rating using a 5-star system

The review will be posted here on my blog as well as on Goodreads.

Turnaround Time:

– For Advance Reader Copies I will post my review within two weeks of the publication date, unless a deadline is indicated.

– For already released titles, reviews will be posted at my leisure.

If your book meets my requirements, please email me. I prefer a hard copy of the book, but I also accept eBooks/PDFs. For titles that don’t necessarily meet the requirements, you are more than welcome to send me your request which will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not hear from me within 48hrs, it is because I am not interested but I thank you for considering me for your work. Please do not contact me for a followup for it will be ignored.

Thank you,


Jennifer L.
Writer’s Block


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